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Are You All In?

The best athletes show the rest of us how to live life.

All in.

I was reminded of this last night, watching the VCA Lions come up short in their semifinal section playoff game.

Those players are heartbroken today; the price they pay for leaving it all on the court.

I suppose they’d be feeling good if they hadn’t joined the team last November. But they did.

And they wouldn’t be feeling as bad if they had only held back some physical and emotional reserves to cope. But they didn’t.

And for sure - it would be easier to move on

if they hadn’t been so confident. But they expected to win.

Maybe they shouldn’t have joined the team? Maybe they should’ve left some gas in the tank to ride out the disappointment? Maybe they should have lowered their expectations?

Thankfully, they said “no” to all that weakness, assumed the risk, and taught the rest of us an important lesson…


It’s true, being ALL IN will mean more suffering. But it will also mean a FULL LIFE; full of meaning and glory and joy.

So wherever you are, whatever you do, be ALL IN. Join the team. Take the job. Adopt the child. Start the friendship. Spend the money. Empty yourself. Hope for the best.

Thank you boys. Lesson learned.


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