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Your ideal clients are not going to hire you because they don't truly understand who you are and what you do.

Let me explain

You are exactly who someone is looking for...


Whatever you sell, there are thousands of people out there who would rather buy it from you than someone else. (even if you’re more expensive).


After all - There is something about you – (or your product) – that speaks to them. You understand who they are, and what they need. You have the perfect solution to their problem, and you are the expert they can trust.


It’s a no-brainer: they want to pay you.

But they're not going to.



And that’s not because you’re the wrong person for the job. It’s not because you’ve failed, or because you’re not good enough at what you do.




Your ideal clients are going to pass you by because they don’t truly understand who you are and what you do. If they did, they’d stop looking for someone else.


Sure, they read the words on your website and in your emails. But are they the right words? Are they words that truly represent the “who,” “why,” and “what” of your business?


Let’s make sure they are…

I'm Erik

I was a pastor for over 20 years, and now (among other things) I’m a certified copywriter. 


copywriter [noun] : Someone who writes compelling words in order to market, sell, educate, and/or engage a specific audience.  


In ministry, my heart was to come alongside people and help them - I asked questions, listened, and then crafted messages to encourage and motivate them.


Not much has changed.


Today, my heart is to draw alongside business owners and help the- I ask questions, listen, and then craft messages t0 meet their most important marketing needs.

I’ll help you amplify your brand, pitch your offers, or sell your products by writing the words (for your websites, sales pages, or emails) that will introduce you, and keep you connected, to your ideal clients.


Contact me and let's see if we're a good fit to work together.


Copywriting Services:





Page Audit:    $250 per page

Page Write:    $500 per page

Direct Response Sales Letters:


Short (2 pages or less):    $750 - $1000

Long:    $1500 - $2500

Blogs / Articles / Social Media:


$500 per page or entry



$500 each (5 or more: $400)

Video Scripts:


$250 per minute (~150 words)

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